Merry Christmas!

Late December has been a time of feasting in the Northern hemisphere for millennia, thousands of years before we ever celebrated Christmas.
The winter solstice, when the days are short and dark and the coldest weather usually sets in, traditionally marked the beginning of our ancestors’ short-lived feasting time. Why short? Because we ate all the food available until there was nothing left! And nothing much grew again until spring.
So our modern day habits of feasting over Christmas and then putting ourselves on a strict weight loss regime in January is nothing new after all, it’s part of our ancient DNA. The only difference is that our ancestors’ weight loss regime wasn’t a choice.
Both feasting and fasting put our bodies under stress and as long as we don’t keep up either habit for too long it’s a positively healthy thing to do. And it’s exactly what HBD is all about – honouring our evolution and feasting and fasting our way to vitality and health.
As the year comes to a close, like many of us, I find it useful to reflect on the experiences and the highs and lows of the year gone by.
The biggest high for me this year (after my son and daughter in law’s wedding of course!) has been celebrating the solidarity of our ever loving and giving HBD community (the HBD gang). A huge thank you to everyone for sharing and caring and supporting each other through 2022.
So many new friendships have been forged and so many experiences shared.  
The second big high was in starting 2022 with our eBook, the HBD Collaborative Cookbook; huge and heartfelt thanks again to the brilliantly creative and generous HBD cooks and photographers.  
And the third big high of this year is the anticipation of the glorious, colour printed cookbook The HBD Cookbook coming out on January 5th 2023, inspired by the HBD Collaborative Cookbook, and thanks to Harper Collins!
I was thrilled when the publishers got in touch this summer, but have to say it was a challenge to write the copy in the space of 6 weeks, and especially so as we were travelling for most of that time and living out of suitcases.
I breathed a huge sigh of relief once it was done. I’m so proud of it and grateful to the talented team at Harper Collins led by Katya Shipster, for making a dream reality. The cookbook is not only packed full of gorgeous recipes, it also contains more insights and ideas on how to navigate Phase 4.
This companion to The Human Being Diet is set to make your HBD life much easier and more delicious. And for some Christmas fun, if you pre-order the book you’re automatically eligible to enter the prize draw. Everyone’s a winner. 
Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a sparklingly wonderful 2023, with love,
Petronella xx,
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Let’s get cooking!
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