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It's nearly Christmas!

January is hot on the heels of December and in 2022 we’re kicking off the first 16 days of HBD on January 10th and there will be more news on that in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled!

The November highlight was our fabulous HBD lunch party at Riccardo’s @riccardoslondon. A fine time was had by all – it was lovely to meet old friends and to meet Instagram friends in the flesh for the first time! Here are some of the girls sporting their Donna Ida jumpsuits, with Donna Ida herself, all looking 100% gorgeous! 

The next party is coming up end of January/beginning February – date to be confirmed soon.

The atmosphere was wonderful – warm, friendly and inclusive – I love and treasure our HBD gang community. And it was a treat to have Donna there with us – it was Donna who got me started on the lives on Instagram and how the beautiful HBD gang was born.

My number one favourite supplement – Betaine HCl 

Huge thanks to our generous sponsors Viridian @viridiannutrition for the full-sized bottles of my number one top favourite supplement, Betaine HCl with Gentian Root, which went into everyone’s goody bag.

Betaine HCl is my number one favourite as it helps improve our stomach acid levels and we need that for protein and mineral absorption as well as to stimulate the release of enzymes in the small intestine. We make less stomach acid as we get older and much less of it when we’re stressed out.

Signs that you might need more of it include thinning hair, brittle or ridged nails, bloating after eating, stretch marks, and even constipation. Start with one per meal and see how it feels. Don’t take this supplement if you are on any kind of steroid medication or if you have stomach ulcers, or if you are on long-term non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen).

More thanks!

And thank you to Willy’s Probiotic Live Foods @willysacv for generous supplies of your health-giving (and sugar and wine craving killer) apple cider vinegar. Add a tablespoon of it to a wine glass full of chilled sparkling water instead of the wine! Your liver will love you for it ❤️

And thank you to Zest and Zing Spices @zestandzingspices for your fabulous Harissa – to perk up almost any meal, and to Hunter & Gather @hunterandgatheruk for your velvety egg-free avocado oil mayo and to Dr. Vegan @drveganco for your Debloat & Detox miracle and we’re looking forward to trying Gut Works too.

And the biggest thanks to Riccardo @riccardoslondon for our glorious HBD party venue!


Donna Ida with our brand new HBD  goody bag, I think she approves!


Happy HBD Friends

HBD Spotlight – How Erica adapted HBD to suit her diet

I was super intrigued to talk to Erica, @herbivore_humanbeingdiet and we had a great Instagram live together in November. She not only followed HBD with dazzling success as a vegan but she also lost 20kg which is 44lbs. 

Here’s a beautiful ‘after’ photo of her at Riccardo’s in September – she just ‘went for it’ and has never looked back – a totally beautiful transformation. 

She heard about HBD through a school mum friend, Fleur, but she wasn’t sure if it could work for her as a herbivore – she watched several lives before she started – she wanted to be sure. And eventually she was convinced, something clicked, and she jumped in! 

And as she pointed out in the live, we’re blessed by the supportive and generous HBD Instagram community who are always ready to reach out and help with questions and to boost morale and inspire confidence – nobody ever feels alone ❤️

By the way she’s got a delicious recipe on her Instagram grid, @herbivore_humanbeingdiet it’s Tofu Scrambler – a vegan take on scrambled eggs. Yum! Thank you Erica for your inspiration!


Back soon with news on the zoom and texting support for the January reset, and the next HBD party.

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