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Party time!

Time is flying and we’re very much looking forward to our HBD lunch this Saturday, the 20th, at Riccardo’s in Chelsea and to meeting dear friends, old and new. And very excited about our special HBD goody bags for the event – rather Hermes in colour and just the right size for a trip to the shops.

Instagram Lives with Lovely People


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Sorry not to have sent a newsletter last month  – the last few weeks have been full-on both personally and professionally. 

We did some great lives on Instagram in September/October. Huge thanks to Cath, @mrsaddtobasket, Andy Hunter, @andyjhunter, Kerri, @kerri_hbd and to Katy Hill, @imkatyhill for sharing their HBD experiences. The feedback has been heart warmingly wonderful. Lynne, @lynnharristrinity and I also did a fun Facebook live for the Scottish Skinnies. Next time we’re featuring @herbivore_humanbeingdiet.

You can watch all the lives on my IGTV channel @petronellaravenshear and at some point we’ll put them up on YouTube for non-Instagram users. My darling friend Donna Ida and I are still doing our regular lives on Tuesdays at 2pm London time on her Instagram @donnaida.

 @kerri_hbd is the beautiful proof that even with a fulltime job, 7 children between her and her husband, AND two households to run, she made HBD work for her. And she doesn’t enjoy cooking either!

Huge congratulations to you Kerri!

Katy, as beautiful inside as she is outside is just a few weeks into HBD and doing brilliantly. @imkatyhill, thanks, really enjoyed our live!

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January 16 Day Reset

We’re limbering up for the big 16 day reset in January and we’re kicking off on Monday the 10th after the holiday dust has settled. That gives us time to shop and prepare on the weekend of the 8th/9th and we’ll be putting up a shopping list next month.

Some will be embarking on HBD for the first time and some of us will be doing our annual reset. It has to be said, it’s not easy or fun but we know how wonderful we feel at the end of those 16 days. Look forward to feeling much more energetic, and more upbeat, with a flatter tummy and several pounds lighter. There will be texting support as well as regular Zoom meetings – more news on that in December.

Thank you!

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