The Human Being Diet

HBD is the life-changing programme beloved by thousands of followers, because it works! The book contains a 3 month progamme, which guides you into a sustainable new lifestyle with renewed energy for life!

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"Petronella’s Human Being Diet is founded on robust and very accessible science combined with a lifetime of clinical experience."

Dr. Mike Seddon, Consultant Cardiologist

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The Human Being Diet

A three month program that paves the way for a new way of feasting and fasting your way to feeling, looking, and being your best: for energy, health and longevity. 

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"Hi Petronella I wanted to share this with you, you changed my life. 40 days and 7kg down - my skin is glowing and I’m happy, I cannot thank you enough! "


The HBD Cookbook

A practical and beautiful companion to HBD The Human Being Diet, to ensure a deliciously easy HBD experience. Breakfast and main meal recipes for all 4 phases of the program for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.

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"HBD is not a diet - it’s a way of life which takes your body, mind and soul into the healthiest place ever. It reduces inflammation (and keeps endometriosis symptoms at bay) it makes you age backwards, looking younger than ever, and it gives you unlimited energy. I only wish I’d discovered it in my 20s rather than 20 years later"


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