What is ‘The Human Being Diet’?

In its original sense, the word ‘diet’ means ‘way of life’. And that is just what The Human Being Diet (HBD) is. It’s not a ‘diet book’, it’s a three-month programme that lays the foundation for a new way of eating and living. And it’s designed to be easy to follow for any human being who wants to feel and look as good as they possibly can.  

HBD, which is suitable for all men and women (other than those who are breastfeeding or pregnant) is split into 4 phases.  

The first 16 days are hardcore, being oil, alcohol, sugar and grain-free, and should be viewed as sacrosanct. They set the scene for the success of the programme and the metabolic reset it delivers. There are 10 rules to follow, and all the instructions and explanations are found within the book, along with some recipes. 

One of the exciting side effects of following the HBD programme is weight loss. What else can you expect? Better energy, more resilience and a brighter outlook on life. along with stable blood sugar levels, rebalanced hormones and a resolution of many painful conditions.  


Phase 1: Preparation. 2 days of vegetables only  

Phase 2: Reset. 14 days of eating 3 meals a day, combining equal weights of one type of protein and a mixture of vegetables and eating 1 apple a day 

Phase 3: Burn. 10 weeks of a continuation of phase 2, with the addition of olive oil and a weekly treat meal  

Phase 4: Forever. A continuation of phase 3 and a discovery of which foods best suit us. Experimenting with extra treat meals but maintaining the HBD principles. 

Looking forward to hearing how you get on, so please let me know!  



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Hi Petronella I wanted to share this with you, you changed my life. 40 days and 7kg down - my skin is glowing and I’m happy, I cannot thank you enough. 


I’ve suffered from hair loss for c10 years now and I have my ferritin levels tested every 6 months and have taken daily iron supplements for 10 years. I stopped taking iron when I started on HBD. I just re-tested this week and my ferritin levels are 280! Normally, I struggle to get it to 100 and that is WITH iron supplements. The only thing that has changed is my diet. 


Thank you so much, I think your book is incredible. I have not been so calm and happy and felt so in control of my food for years and years


Petronella just a thankyou to you and your way of eating it has been fantastic for myself, family and friends . At last we have a plan of maintaining our weight and well-being thank you so much


I’m the lowest weight I’ve been and able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years! Can’t thank you enough Petronella. It really is the magic formula. Even have my husband on the plan!


I’ve had fibromyalgia & IBS and always refused medication as I thought I could cure it myself through food, however I was a massive emotional eater so never stuck to anything. Except this! I’m sure you hear it a lot but it has truly changed me for the better


I'm sleeping well for the first time in years, other than an awful first day of headaches, I feel amazing since day 2! I'm losing weight, I'm not hungry, I don't snack and realise just how much I did before, I'm eating fresh veg and protein instead of junk and packet food and not even finding it hard to say no to the constant invitations to eat rubbish etc... This is genuinely me for life.


I can’t believe it, I have gone from 77kg to 70.6kg in the last 2 weeks! And I’ve never eaten so much, so consistently! A few weeks ago I was feeling awful, so bloated and heavy. Addicted to sugar and snacking. No desire to eat real food, struggling to cope. One day a friend mentioned your book, I got it read it and started the following day! This journey has been so healing, and I’ve only just begun! What felt so daunting and shrouded by trauma, has become a gift. Thank you for sharing THBD.


Definitely life changing in terms of feeling more upbeat, skin improvements and sleeping better in addition to weight loss so thank you so much.