How To Be Happy


Ten happiness gurus to perk you up, because joy is the best beauty treatment of all, By Francesca White
Black and white photo of a figure skater leaping.

In a little kitchen-cum-apothecary just off the King's Road, you'll find Petronella - incredibly warm, elegantly dishevelled and probably the nicest nutritionist you've ever met.

Otherwise, you'll find her in local favourite Riccardo's (her partner owns the restaurant, hence spelt spaghetti vongole on the menu, which, coincidentally, is delicious).

Either way, she knows her stuff. Feeling bloated? She'll pour you little cups of probiotic (she rates the mango-flavoured Symprove variety). Blocked up? Petronella is full of cunning tips on how to keep 'regular' while on the move (like vitamin C - who knew?).

Each appointment is followed up with an email, full of encouragement, outlining what you've discussed. But before you get there, you will fill out an extensive questionnaire - about your diet, your energy levels, how much sleep you get. So by the time you finally meet, she already has a pretty accurate idea of what makes you tick.

Petronella will draw diagrams to show you how the gut works; she'll pop you on a pair of hi-tech scales, which measure everything from your resting metabolism to your muscle mass; she excels at decoding supplements and will pack you off with tiny pots of natural remedies to keep pesky illnesses at bay.

It's not rocket science - simply a reminder of what it takes to keep functioning at your best. Invaluable.

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