Weight loss diet plan: 'Lose a stone in 2 weeks' for those who have 'tried everything' spoke to nutritionist and author Petronella Ravenshear about the Human Being Diet and why she claims menopausal women need to try it.

Would you do the Human Being diet, summer’s new weight-loss trend?

Its the fashionable new nutrition plan that has Chelsea buzzing. The catch? Its pretty hardcore, says Peta Bee.

Petronella Ravenshear: My Health Rules

There are nutritionists, and then there’s Petronella Ravenshear. On speed dial for A-listers and fashion editors alike, she’s the name to know for a trimmer waistline, increased energy, better digestion, glowing skin and more...

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Time to FAST track your diet?

After years of being told we must eat three meals a day, fasting is now the accepted way to diet or maintain our weight. And, discovers Victoria Woodhall, going hungry could make you happier and healthier, too.

In the balance tried every fad diet going?

Then a nutritionist-led plan from Germany might work. It did for me, says our writer.


Alternative Health: the metabolic balance programme

PetPetronella Ravenshear explains the nutritional programme that re-sets hormones in order to reach a natural weight

How To Be Happy

In a little kitchen-cum-apothecary just off the King's Road, you'll find Petronella - incredibly warm, elegantly dishevelled and probably the nicest nutritionist you've ever met.

'No Worries: Why It's Vital to Address Stress'

Fight or flight, our ancient reaction to a serious threat, stimulates specific parts of the immune system, including the inflammatory response, to help us survive imminent danger.