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Kristy Finds a Life-Changing Solution to Crippling Endometrial Pain, and here is her story:

"I haven’t touched on this enough recently but have previously shared about my life struggles with endometriosis, my numerous operations, my endless hospital admissions, my need for morphine and other strong opioids just to be able to get out of bed some days. Since being introduced to @petronellaravenshear and HBD back in January my symptoms have all but cleared, with the exception of a weak bladder and having to go to the toilet immediately but I put this down to many years of scar tissue, and numerous operations to remove endo adhesions, weakening my bladder.

On my last surgery, my bowel also had to be repaired and since then I have suffered badly with IBS. In addition to the pain of IBS, I have suffered constant pelvic pain, back pain and horrendous period pain."

"This week I have just finished my 7th period since starting this journey and changing the way I eat. I am pleased to report that it is all still clear.

I am symptom-free for the first time in my life.

 Gone are the days of cancelling plans because I’m unwell or phoning in sick at work because I can barely stand or walk. And gone are the days of my family feeling helpless while watching me suffer.

This has given me such a new lease of life it’s unreal!

It’s hard to think that a lot of that suffering might have been avoided if I could have helped myself before and without the need for medical interventions. But it is important for me to also acknowledge how far I’ve come on that journey and to remind myself that I never want to go back to feeling the way I did before, and letting endometriosis define me and my life."


​"I love that I will be turning 40 in a few weeks and that, finally, I’m in a place of control over my own body, my nutrition, and ultimately my health. I think we should all feel proud wherever we are on our journey for being the strong-willed and strong-minded women that we are. And for putting ourselves first and for fighting, for the best for ourselves, on a daily basis."

- Kristy

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