Seal of Approval for HBD from UK’s Top Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Mike Seddon

Dr. Mike has always stood out from the crowd. He’s a specialist in all aspects of cardiology including coronary heart disease, palpitations and rhythm disturbance, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, heart failure, and valve disease. He’s authored high-impact publications in peer-reviewed journals, and he won the British Cardiovascular Society’s Young Investigator of the Year Prize, 2008, for his pioneering research into hypertension. In other words, he’s not just any cardiologist - he’s the expert. I am so grateful for his generous testimonial and endorsement of HBD: 
Petronella’s Human Being Diet is founded on robust and very accessible science combined with a lifetime of clinical experience. I have personally embraced the HBD philosophy together with my wife, and I have since enjoyed watching many of my colleagues in our Cardiology department adopt it too. The effect it has had on myself and those around me has led me to recommend HBD to an increasing number of my Cardiology patients with, so far, universally positive results.”
-Dr. Mike Seddon, Consultant Cardiologist

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