Happy New Year!

Happy, Healthy 2022 to YOU! 

Looking back this week, like many of us, and reflecting on the year that’s gone. 2021 was a tough year in many ways. But there were certainly some beautiful silver linings.
Some of the HBD highlights we celebrated in 2021 included:

1. Getting the HBD logo designed, I love it and hope you do too.

2. Designing the website and getting it up and running smoothly (huge thanks to Sam Koval at Webco – he not only designs and builds websites, he’s also a great communicator)

3. Not one but two glorious HBD lunch parties at Riccardo’s Italian Restaurant in Chelsea in September and November (and we’re looking forward to more of these this year)

Here's a photo of Riccardo’s under snow in February a few years ago!

4. And getting the HBD goodie bags designed and made in time for the November party at Riccardo’s!

Here’s my gorgeous friend Donna Ida with our first ever HBD goodie bag.

Other highlights of 2021 included some illuminating Instagram lives with Nahid, aka The Nervous System Whisperer, @thehumanmethoduk, who gave us breathing tips for interrupting cravings, and Erica, @herbivore_humanbeingdiet, who busted the myth that HBD couldn’t be adapted successfully for a plant-based diet.

Lots of Instagram lives

We had a great live with Katy Hill, @imkatyhill, who shared her childhood dreams that became reality, and @Kerri_HBD, who despite a full time job, not much interest in cooking, 7 children and stepchildren and two households to run, made HBD work beautifully for her.

And, if you haven’t already, do read our September blog, @Kristys_humanbeingdietjourney_2021 and catch up with the live on my IGTV channel; Kristy’s story of freeing herself from endometrial pain is an inspiration.

Not just for the old(er)!

Francesca White, Tatler Beauty Editor at Large and founder of @the_beauty_triangle, and I had a good talk about gut health, energy and weight loss in September, and so proud of my beautiful 23 year old niece, Dahlia Penna, who gave us the proof that HBD works just as well for the young as for the old(er)!

Riccardo’s on a balmy summer’s evening with Francesca White and Marie Grove-Walton

Happy HBD birthdays!

Cath, @mrsaddtobasket, is a glowing inspiration and celebrated her HBD birthday last year and of course my darling friend Donna Ida, @DonnaIda, without whom the HBD gang would not have been born and she and I continue to do our lives every Tuesday at 2pm and great, often very funny, Q&As at the same time.

Tune in to…

And a big thank you to Lisa Snowdon, @lisa_snowdon, for inviting me onto her ‘Get Lifted Podcast’ which is not about aesthetic treatments, but about how to feel happier and healthier.

So thank you for a glorious HBD year and on and up and into 2022, and may it bring us all peace, love and healing.

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